Solar Energy Update: We Made it Through the Winter!

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The early spring weather in our part of the country has been cold, with occasional snow and ice.

But when the weather hasn’t reminded us of winter, it has often been sunny.

Which has been great for the production of our rooftop solar panels!

While our electricity usage climbed by 19% compared to last March, our electric bill for the month still fell by almost 60%.

That’s because our solar energy production surged by more than 60% relative to last year! The sunny and cold weather we have experienced has been great for generating solar power.

Our energy production was so strong that we earned some solar energy credits we’ll be able to use to offset next winter’s electric bills. I expect we’ll be earning – rather than using – additional credits for the next several months. Which should set us up well to keep our electric bill low as we head into 2020!

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