Our Solar Production Slows As The Summer Ends

Solar PowerAfter relatively weak production from our rooftop solar panels in August, things didn’t get much better in the month of September.

While we did produce slightly more energy during September, which was a nice surprise, we also used more energy during the month.

The end result was a very small deposit into our bank of solar energy credits. Those credits will help offset our electric bill during the coming winter, when our energy production will drop precipitously, driven by the shorter days and rooftop solar panels that will likely spend a considerable amount of time buried under ice and snow!

Solar EnergyLast year, October generated the third-largest deposit of solar energy credits into our account, and I’m hopeful we’ll have another good month this year before the weather really turns against us. Our air conditioning is finally off for the season, so our electricity usage will likely drop dramatically¬† the coming weeks. The big variable that’s out of our control, of course, is how much sun we’ll see over the next few weeks!

Fifteen months into our solar energy experiment, our rooftop solar panels continue to pay dividends. With the amount of credits we’ve already built up for the winter, I’m hopeful our electric bills in early 2019 will be materially lower than the bills we incurred at the beginning of this year.

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